General terms

Please read the general conditions and if you agree with them, finalize your order, agreeing to these conditions they become an integral part of your order.
It is important to know that due to state and local laws, there are certain restrictions for different products. It is up to you to study and comply with the laws in your country. If you live in a country or city where the products you buy are banned or treated under certain controls, the buyer is solely responsible. The seller is not responsible for the laws of a third country, nor does he sell under the laws of a third country.
We do not carry out transport outside the territory of our country.
Transport is not included in the value of the goods, and we do not have free delivery. We can pack your shipment for transportation for a fee.
We do not send goods by cash on delivery. The terms of payment are agreed additionally. After paying for the goods you can cancel it within
14 days, only after filling out a form. Then your amount is refunded and the bank fees are at your expense. Cancellation of the transaction from
14-30 days the amount is refunded by 30% less. 0t 30 days of payment up to 180 days your goods are kept in our warehouse, after this period we can not be responsible for your items.

*All items on the website are sold according to the Laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.