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Dazer II F ULTRASONIC ELECTRONIC DEVICE FOR PROTECTION FROM DOGS. It emits ultrasound at a frequency 25KNz not be heard by humans, but dogs and cats they hear him perfectly. Ultrasound creates an uncomfortable feeling, not causing any pain to the animals. The sound makes them free zone around you to escape or to shrink. Dazer is suitable for pedestrians, messengers, motorcyclists, cyclists, mothers with small children or for anyone who is afraid of dogs. Dazer can serve as a training / dresirovachno tool for your dog or repel aggressive dogs. Dazer e completely safe for you and those around you! Dazer is the maximum effective distance of 5-7 meters, but operates at a remote location. The machine can not affect the animals with problems in hearing or totally deaf.

  • Code: 000884
  • Weight: 0.122 Kgs
Price: 65.00лв.

The unit is powered by alkaline battery 9V, which is included in the kit. The battery is designed for 1000 included more than 1 second. Dazer is - efficient and flawless kuchegon. Note: It is desirable that the device directed at people. Dimensions: 5.7 cm wide, 11.5 cm long, 3.3 cm height Bracket for hanging on the belt. Weight: 122 grams. Housing: Shock Resistant ABC plastic Color: Gray Manufacturer: K II Enterprises, USA, New York


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