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Gas alert revolver S & W Chiefs Special


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Gas alert revolver S & W Chiefs Special
Caliber - 9 mm
Capacity - 5
Barrel length - 50 mm
Covering - nickel
Overall length - 375 mm
Material - metal alloys
Weight (empty) - 490 g
Effect of trigger - single
Fixed hindsight - slot in frame
Handle - with UGS from synthetics

  • Code: 000621
  • Manufacturer: UMAREX
  • Weight: 0.490 Kgs
Price: 225.00лв.

Gas-signal Chiefs Special revolver is a copy of battle M-36 revolver, a U.S. company Smith & Wesson. It is produced by the German company Umarex and is suitable for self-defense and signaling. Use blank and gas cartridges caliber 9 mm.V front of the revolver has a thread that serves to put a sleeve through which can be fired missiles.