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Caliber - 5,5 mm (.22)
Capacity - 8 cup type BB 5,5 mm.
Barrel length - 600 mm.
Stock and Lodge - black synthetics.
Cover - black.
Overall length - 1040 mm.
Weight - 2,6 kg.
Effect of trigger - single.
Principle of operation - a compressed air 

  • Code: 000327
  • Manufacturer: WALTHER
  • Weight: 2.600 Kgs
Price: 960.00лв.
Air Rifle Walther 1250 Dominator is designed for hunting small game and fowl, and recreational target shooting.Shoots balls using compressed air tank mounted under the barrel.At full compression, the pressure reaches 300 bar and a single charge can shoot over 100 shots.Energy is about 40 J, and initial speed of the ball - 300 m / s.Lodge and stock are made in one piece from synthetics, such stock is a type of Monte Carlo.Charging and recharging is done by lever on the right side of the box bore.This air rifle is powerful, lightweight and effective weapon with precision and the opportunity for 8 quick shots.
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